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Dallas Solo Show opens Saturday, Sept 12th

The rocket ride continues – next stop … Texas!

Dallas show opens Saturday, Sept 12th!!  

Runs thru Oct 17th.

Hope to see you in the mix. 

Things really on fire right now. Just juried into the prestigious Hollywood Arts & Cultural Center Biennial. And a brilliant group show in Wynwood opens next month. And still tingly from a stunning San Francisco run. The Dallas exhibit features all new works from the BEST BOOKS EVER WRITTEN series, including the above piece celebrating LGBT authors and dedicated to the Supreme Court’s historic decision on gay rights.

And this homage to Texas writers below.

BEST BOOKS EVER WRITTEN – Rain Falls On Texas, acrylic, graphite, book covers, paper on canvas – 30×48″ (diptych), 2015, Stuart Sheldon

I don’t know many folks in Texas, so please help spread the word. 

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