What makes you ecstatic - the action, person, place or thing that replaces your darkness with light? In this moment of fear and isolation, Happy Place invites artists to create a new work(s) which represents what brings your your greatest joy. This is an ongoing positive meditation for all creators.


Here's how it works:

  • Artists create work(s), in any medium, which represent their unique concept of joy. 

  • Post an image of the work with the hashtags TBD. 

  • Each work along with a brief description and artist link is housed on a dedicated web page.

  • Artists share the invitation with their creative communities.

  • The Joy Project grows organically. 


Simple as that. Totally free. Easy peasy. The goal is to give artists a moment of escape fro the pain of the world. And give the world a collection of joyful reminders that joy lives inside us at all times if we choose to engage it.

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