Swan Dive Podcast

Career media executive, Ron Rothberg, and his life-long friend and award-winning artist, Stu Sheldon, launched Swan Dive to explore the incredible stories of those who take the big leap and pivot to their visions. Ron gave notice recently at his illustrious 16-yr media gig. While Stu leapt from Wall Street to the arts three decades ago. They examine their pivots through the lenses of real time and hindsight. In a shocking coincidence, one month after Swan Dive launched, the entire world pivoted massively via Covid-19. Now, each week, a fascinating new guest opens up about their unique Swan Dive experience, the ups, downs and ultimate sense of accomplishment. Hopefully, you'll find comfort and kinship in your big pivot, whether you've made it yet or not. Share your Swan Dive story with us, and we may feature you. 


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