Swan Dive Podcast collects the oral histories of pivotal moments in meaningful lives.


Career media executive, Ron Rothberg, and his life-long friend and award-winning artist, Stu Sheldon, launched Swan Dive to explore the incredible stories of those who take the big life leap toward their vision of their most authentic self: an Olympic Gold Medalist, Africa’s first black female neurosurgeon, civil rights champions, art world stars, NPR broadcast icons, gender-fluid pioneers ... each guest had the clarity and backbone to chase their dream. Ron gave notice recently at his illustrious 16-yr media gig to pursue content creation. While Stu leapt from Wall Street to the arts three decades ago. Through these two distinct lenses, real-time and hindsight, they examine the pivots of a fascinating new guest each week. Launched in March 2020, Swan Dive aims to feed an enormous hunger for inspiration and authenticity right now. Start with Dive Defined below ... then subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. It's time to pivot to YOUR vision. Please share your own Swan Dive story with us; we may just feature YOU

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