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99 Problems …

Golden Gate Bridge

The best way out is always through. Robert Frost

A Bay Area friend’s daughter posted this on FB yesterday:

I was going to post all the petty complaints I have about my commute until the bus passed a man on the wrong side of the railing of the Golden Gate Bridge. I hope the police talk him out of jumping. My heart breaks for all those who reach that point of desperation when they feel that their life is not worth sparing.

Earlier that same day, before knowing of his daughter’s post, that cheeky Bay Area friend posted this:

FIRST WORLD PROBLEM #16: You’re excited at the prospect of fresh Whole Foods™ organic cilantro on your home-made fish tacos, and you find you’ve mistakenly bought parsley.

Where do your problems fall in this utterly complete spectrum? Are they ridiculous or existential? Are they even legit? We all have sobering issues we grapple with: illness, sadness and all the rest. However, If you are reading this you are most likely relatively well-off. You have a home, car(s), food, bandaids. And probably photos from a vacation on a beach somewhere. Our kids have toys, books. In other words, we are rich compared to most of the globe.

Here is what a serious problem looks like:

mother & child after earthquake

I once read an article about people who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and lived. One guy said it all, “The moment I stepped off that railing, I realized I could manage all the problems in my life … EXCEPT ONE.”

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