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Angel Looking for a Place to Land

Excerpted from my upcoming book, A Lonely Fool’s Masterpiece:

Jodi admired the series of horizontal weathered lumber and driftwood pieces strung together vertically. This rudimentary torso hung freely and moved subtly in the breeze. The upper pieces were broader and stouter, and they tapered as they descended to create the rough form of a body. Baling wire connected the pieces, so that, instead of being perfectly vertical, these anthropomorphic figures had a bit of kinetic torque, as if they were lifting off or landing. I called them angels. But these angels had nothing to do with the syrupy biblical notion of winged cherubs. They were simply guiding forces.

I began to massage Jodi’s shoulders as she stood with me looking at the piece.

“I like the green,” she said, referring to the very top slat of 6”x20” wood.

“That’s the remnant of an old fence gate I found in Colorado ten years ago. The rest are pieces of wood I grabbed from beaches the past year surfing.”

“I like it.”

“It’s called Angel Looking for a Place to Land, and it’s going to guide our baby home, like his own personal GPS.” I kneaded more deeply into her tight shoulder muscles.

“Let’s hope it works… Ahhh, that feels so good,” she purred, dropping her head.

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