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Fancy Nasty Forever!

If you made it to the epic Fancy Nasty finale bonfire last Saturday night, hosted by The New Tropic, lucky YOU. If not … next time (we’re just warming up). Many people are calling this grassroots installation and Art Basel favorite an important milestone in Miami’s creative evolution, one whose purity will evoke smiles and hand-to-heart respect for decades. I don’t disagree. 

My name is Stuart Sheldon. I’m both very fancy and very nasty, a fine artist, author, curator, blogger, Build Crew non-profit co-founder and Miami native. I created Fancy Nasty to let both artists I admired and art-lovers, like you, immerse themselves without limitations. Free from any commercial considerations. Knowing the whole things was to be scraped away by bulldozers.

@stuart_sheldon building Fancy Nasty

With Build Crew, we fully intend to produce many more site-specific celebrations in the years ahead. More art for art’s sake. So, hit me with YOUR ideas for venues and concepts. And visit me in my studio any time. Learn more about my creative journey here. Together, let’s continue to throw logs on the bonfire of Miami’s stunning creative ascent.

In the Meantime, chew on these delicious mementos of the Fancy Nasty freak show!!!

Wall by @Hoxxoh & Brandon Opalka @bopalka

@Typoe. photo by @wyattgallery

t_w_o_o_n_e & NOVE collaboration.

@mina_hamada & @zosenbandido

Autumn Casey @litclit_

Face by MSG Crew

Wipeout (See Notes) @stuart_sheldon

Jesse Laino @real_jesse

Strawberrita Dreams


Fuckin Feelin It

Michael Loveland @flyinglovebucket

NOVE @digitalorganico



Benji Cospolite photo by @wyattgallery

Nove & t_w_o_o_n_e collaboration (right wall). Zosen & Mina Hamada (left wall)

Can I kick it … @wyattgallery

Andrea Nhuch @thenhuch


@zosenbandido & @mina_hamada

Fancy Nasty typist

Kiss! t_w_o_o_n_e

If you have not already, check out The New Tropic’s wonderful write-up.


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