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How to Face Yourself


My cheeky 6yr-old made goofy expressions in the mirror, raising his eyebrows and, finally, grimacing slightly. “Daddy, you know what I don’t like? That you can’t ever see your real face. Because the mirror is a fake face.”

Bodhi & Aurelia 2015

photo by Daren Joy

Wow. His observation startled and charmed me, for he grasped something that I’d not considered in over 50 years, something so true and ironic – that we can never actually see ourselves.

Though we strive our whole life to understand and optimize our own essence, we can never EVER stare into our own eyes … where the answers lie. We must settle for a reflection in cold glass.

Michael Loveland

Michael Loveland #fancynasty

Thus, we must open ourselves to another.

One of the greatest gifts you can give one you love (and vice-versa) is to look at their face and into their eyes, literally and figuratively. To enter them and spend time, without judgement, inside of them. To gently yet assertively bear witness to their strengths and pitfalls. And to report back what you have seen … without judgement. In other words, be a trustworthy, observant friend. AND a constructive critic. To distill what the world sees … for better or worse.  

Open your eyes.

Open your eyes.

As we get older, we think we’ve figured life out, that we put forth our best selves. But, who we are and how we seem are often quite different, because our neural pathways and patterns, driven by self-preservation, become trenches with walls so high they block our ability to see what we have become … and hinder our ability to make critical behavioral adjustments.

Do you trust someone enough to let them see you? Raw, broken and without the mask you wear daily? Are you ready to hear their report with an objective sense of openness and wonder? 

Artists of Miami - Stuart Sheldon

Photos by So-Min Kang

And who do you love that could use your eyes? 


Come see my newest piece THIS SATURDAY, Feb 27th String Theory // Doors of Perception

Doors of Perception Exhibition Feb 27, 2016

Doors of Perception Exhibition Feb 27, 2016

Over 25 terrific artists received a door to transform into something special. Plus, everyone get’s a ball of string and is invited to interact with fellow partiers by yarn-bombing the room and navigating the maze of artist-designed doors. All while shaking your ass to superfunky Afrobeta, who the Miami New Times called “dance-a-licious beats.” RSVP is FREE but limited, use to get your name on the list!

Come knock on my door. Seen here in progress

Come knock on my golden door. Seen here in progress

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