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Joyful Rants of a Happy Freshman

When was the last time you notably influenced the course of someone’s life (not including your children)?

Even better, when was the last time you did so and had no idea you were doing it?

I gave my precocious cousin, Lanie, a work of art 5 years ago when she turned 13.

Lanie is a jokester. A goofball. A good egg. She is also a lover of words and a thespian who, unlike myself at that time, and much to her credit, sees college as a continuation of her passions. Not a purely vocational pathway. Lanie is chasing her dream right out of the gates as a freshman English major. Just started her own blog to spread her writer wings. She’s good too. Languid and self-deprecating minus the navel-gazing typical of her peer group. She understands that laying back and enjoying it, warts and all, is part of writing well and making art.

It always amazes me what a few words of thanks, particularly in ink on paper, can do to enhance my perception of someone. Lanie has honored me with more than a few words (albeit typed) which speak more to her sterling character than to mine. I will let those words speak for themselves.

Stay jocular, girl!!

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