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The BEST BOOKS EVER WRITTEN – Stuart Sheldon Bay Area Solo Show OPENS MAY 9 & 10

Best Books Ever Written – Vortices of Genius, acrylic, book covers, paper, oil crayon on canvas, 60″x136″, 2015

Why did the Miami Herald select The Best Books Ever Written as a PICK OF THE WEEK during Art Basel 2014?

Probably because this labor-intensive work finds the sweet spot where visual and literary sensibilities lie together … and make sweet, chaotic love. 

Best Books Ever Written – San Francisco Is A Writer’s Grotto, acrylic, book covers of Bay Area Writers, paper, oil crayon on canvas, 60″x60.” A big shout out to Julia Scheeres and all the literary rockstars at the SF Writer’s Grotto!!!

It’s been five years since we left our enchanted Sausalito houseboat for the art volcano called Miami. I couldn’t be more excited to return with all NEW WORK.

Opening is BOTH

Saturday, May 9 6pm-9pm


Sunday, May 10 (Mother’s Day) 12-4pm.

Show runs through May 31

With music Saturday night by special guest:

DJ Shissla/Shizzy (SpaceCowboys).

Style A Gallery – 30C Princess Street | Sausalito CA 

Best Books Ever Written – Grownups Are Overrated, acrylic, children’s book covers, paper, oil crayon on canvas, 60″x60″, 2015

In these epic-sized (5×5’ and 12×5’) paintings, the covers of literature’s finest works, including Bay Area luminaries such as Peggy Orenstein, Po Bronson, Anne Lamott, Julia Scheeres and Michael Chabon, swirl and dance around the title page of my own just-finished memoir, A Lonely Fool’s Masterpiece, to infuse it with their magic and make it one of the Best Books Ever Written. Says Scheeres, whose bestselling memoir, Jesus Land, is prominently featured in one of the new works, “It’s surreal to see “Jesus Land” transformed into something so visually striking. I hope Stuart’s history of magical art holds true for this piece as well.”

Best Books Ever Written – Thank You Dad, acrylic, book covers, paper, oil crayon on canvas, 60″x136″, 2015

This is the third series in a trilogy of works designed to manifest the things most important to me. Previously, post devastating divorce, I imagined and obsessively painted 35 silhouettes of the woman of my dreams, each titled NOW. I met my wife soon after the paint dried on the final piece. When we had trouble producing a child, I created the BOUNCE series, and our son arrived on the next attempt.

As I now begin my search for a publisher, these new paintings are my query letters to agents and editors. 

It’s so ON!!!

At this “jacket optional” event, authors are invited to BYOBJ—Bring Your Own Book Jacket. Book jackets (or color scans) will have the opportunity to be featured in upcoming paintings, with a portion of the proceeds supporting the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto, Dave Eggers’ 826 Valencia project and Litquake.  

For more information, please visit the Facebook Event Page … or shoot me an email.


Best Books Ever Written – Two Cups of Cacaphony, acrylic, book covers, antique maps, linen, oil crayon on panel on wood, 44″x36″, 2015

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