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Seven Years – No Itch Here

Today is my birthday. But the more auspicious event was yesterday – my 7th anniversary. For a guy who didn’t get the marriage thing right until he was 40, this is a big deal.

Wool and copper? Not the most obvious of symbols for a longstanding love affair. But, when I really thought about it, the meaning emerged.

Wool is warm and safe, a haven from the menacing elements. Jodi and I have been and are each other’s haven in the eyes of our storms. It is soft and cozy, a place to ‘nuggle, as Bodhi would say. Our lives are joyously over-populated with supine moments on the couch, on the floor, in bed … all four of us in the Tempurpedic on bright tropical mornings. Foot massages, bedtime stories, Enlightenment, MadMen.

It takes skill and devotion to draw a cashmere sweater from the back of a goat. Wool must be shorn, cleaned and expertly loomed. But this prolonged effort produces luxury.

We want for nothing. Our home is iconic. Our backyard lagoon is enchanted. Our kids are perfectly healthy. As are we, less a few allergies and some hideous toenails. Yet, we are hardly excessive. We fully appreciate our largesse. And we are totally in tune on making the boys understand and embrace their obligation of charity and compassion. This is one of the greatest gifts we will give them. And giving it to them is one of the greatest gifts we will give to one another.

Wool is versatile, becoming any multitude of things, shapes, functions, solutions. Our future lies wide open with possibilities, adventures, options and manifestations. Not everything is perfect in our lives. Wool can be scratchy. We certainly have experienced discomfort at the hands of one another. But these are rare exceptions to the rule of our lives. Our typical moment is plush and temperate, a swath of fleece on the cheek.

I love you Jodi. I love you Kai & Bodhi. And I love you my dear friends who have sent me heartfelt messages from across the globe today.

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