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A Sneeze Between the Knees

“A Sneeze Between the Knees.

That is an orgasm!”

My college sex ed teacher opened her very first lecture with that jewel. Best description I’ve heard yet.

Unfortunately, that opening moment proved to be the premature climax of the class. She droned on for months mostly about STDs and birth control and all the things you really don’t want to learn about at 19.

Just make me a pornstar in bed, fercrissakes!

I was recently approached by a renowned sexologist keen to know my thoughts on sex after marriage for a series she is doing. I wish I could say she asked me because I’m reputed to be the best lover north of the equator. You’ll have to ask my wife. Actually …. don’t. Fact is, the sex doc asked me because we bonded over the shared accomplishment of having just finished our first books.

Though she looks like a 20-something party girl, Dr. Sonjia Kenya received her bachelors degree from UCLA and earned two masters degrees along with her doctorate at Columbia. Her early faculty appointments were at New York University and the City University of New York, where she taught human sexuality. She too found that in her research and counseling, she was spending way more time than she liked on the miserable side of sex: STDs, AIDS, abuse, etc.

Lucky for us, she opted to devote more of her academic energies to the pleasures of intimacy.

Stuart Sheldon, NOW – Every Bit of It, acrylic on canvas, 40″x30″ 2001. Can you see the lovely lady in this painting?

In the somewhat embarrassing interview below she asked me a good question:

Does Sex Get Better With Marriage?

What’s do you think? Do you prefer sex in a relationship or the wildness of commitment-free carnality?

If you have the courage, leave a comment!

Oh … and Gesundheit!

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